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Meet the cast of MILFriend.


"Jesus" Cuete Yeska aspired to be a performer from a young age. He began his career as a teen rapper and has been fortunate enough to achieve fame in the Latino community as a rapper and songwriter. As he continued to book "gangster" roles, casting directors began to recognize Cuete's strong comedic abilities. As a result, he booked various comedy projects such as Sarah Silverman's Emmy-winning HBO Comedy Special "We Are Miracles" and the film "Superfast," as well as such diverse roles as a bar patron trading insults with George Lopez in "St. George" and a pawn shop owner in the film "Day Out of Days" with director Zoe Cassettes. We are happy he is part of the cast of MILFriend!

MILFriend tv show is a comedy about crazy-ass moms in Venice Beach - oops! my bad, I mean Silicon Beach.



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