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Meet the cast of MILFriend.

"Tilly" Marcy McCusker joins MILFriend TV show as a hot, healthy, work-out mom - Tilly. Just because Tilly had a baby doesn't mean she has to look like one! Pilates, zumba, yoga, eating healthy and more pilates! Tilly will make sure she controls her apperance and she will always look sizzling hot! Marcy McCuster is an actress and dancer from suburban Detroit, Michigan. Straight out of high school, Marcy moved to Los Angeles She recurred as Quendra on NBC's "Community", and has guest starred on various shows such as "CSI:NY", "New Adventures of Old Christine", "Monk", and the ABC sitcom pilot "Who Gets the Parents". - MILFriend TV show is a comedy about crazy-ass moms in Venice Beach - oops! my bad, I mean Silicon Beach. -"MAMA DO PLAY THAT!"- WWW.MILFRIENDTV.COM #milfriendtv #marcymccuster #actress #moms#pilatesmom #workoutmom #healthymom #mother#comedy #crazymoms

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