• judyjeankwon

Meet the cast of MILFriend.

"Derek" Miles Hayden was born in Portland, Oregon. Loves all animals especially he and his brother's pets, Sheepadoodle and two rats. Not at all afraid of heights as he has been a very, pool bowl sponsored skateboarder since 2 1/2 yrs old. Loves people and always loves new experiences. He has an older brother who is also an actor, Milo Hayden he is also a skater. They have always been best friends besides close brother's. He loves science and loves experimenting. He also, loves art all mediums as he loves to paint in his free time. Miles first audition in Hollywood he booked playing Young Diego in Sky with Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger as their son. MILFriend tv show is a comedy about crazy-ass moms in Venice Beach - oops! my bad, I mean Silicon Beach. "MAMA DO PLAY THAT!" WWW.MILFRIENDTV.COM #milfriend #comedy #crazymoms #tvshow#milfriendtv #moms #mother #MILFriend #Venice #Moms #Crazyassmoms#LosAngeles #Television #Comedy #AbbotKinney



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