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  • Shaula Vega

The lonely life of crazy ass first mom....

We have all seen the memes that imply she is trapped and needs to escape. We have seen video of his threatening stare and her contrasting reaction going from smiling to him, to resting bitch face as soon as he turns around. But we have never seen Melania's crazy ass mom side. So I went on her Facebook in search for her motherness (made up word), and much to my surprise, it is actually run by her, our current first lady. I looked at all her photos in search of a motherly image, a motherly moment that would make me see her in a different light.

You can tell it is actually her Facebook because it's a whole lot of pictures of her reality as she sees it, literally and most of her captions are written in broken English with a Russian accent. Things like: --"On the sea ⚓️ #summer" from the back of a speedboat or "What color for the lips?👄 #makeup" on a selfie, and "Great having you at Mar-a-Lago @parishilton. Congratulation on your @americanhumane award! #charity" -- on a photo of her and Paris in which Paris is looking away.

Her photos are lonely POV's of moments she spends alone, which seem to be most of the time, like coffee in the morning looking through an insane window at an insane view of New York City. Her, just relaxing; which is a picture of the chandelier that hangs above her bed from her point of view. Her point of view looking outside her private jet window. Her point of view looking at the ocean and so on.

It hit my by the 20th picture that she is a really lonely crazy ass mom.

All of the pictures are of empty places. Empty bedrooms, empty living rooms, empty streets, empty planes, fancy but empty, lonely. She spends most of her time alone either in New York or at Mar-a-Lago or in between. Most of her photos are of furniture, chandeliers, windows, shoes, salads or her view from her car out onto the city. It's a very lonely life she leads. Rarely does she post pictures of herself with people, except for a few where she is either sitting, standing or walking behind her son and her husband. Pictures in which they are looking at each other but not at her, not even for the photo. It's a crazy ass life she leads.

Maybe she is happy in her golden cage, maybe she's lonely and doesn't have any friends, her motherness was found in a few pictures she posted of her and her son, I love one of her standing pregnant and naked showing off her belly as she climbed into her private jet, did I say she was naked? And her and her son when he was first born standing by a gold stroller. It looks lonely up there in that Ivory tower. You are a crazy ass mom Mel T and for that we can show you some #respect. Being a mom is no joke, and I can only imagine what being First lady just be like especially with Mr. 45. Ay ay ay. Good luck Melania.

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