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  • Shaula Vega

The table read.

The table read took place at a beautiful church in Santa Monica. It's more like a theater but I think people have gotten married there and it also has beautiful picturesque church windows so I'm guessing it is a church. Then again churches are theaters where people get up and tell fantasy stories, so there.

When we first got there we all partook in an improv warm up. It was extremely fun and liberating to do. We played different improv games for about 45 minutes and then it was down to business. We all sat around a big table and I began to read.

Judy was nervous, I could tell, it was the first time her show was to be read out loud. I can imagine that to be nerve-racking. It's like people are seeing you naked and you have nowhere to run and you have to wait until they finish reading it to put your clothes back on, so to speak. The amazing part is it was hilarious. The chemistry between the actors was amazing and everything ran smoothly like it was meant to be. Now all we have to wait for is the shoot. That should be a lot of fun considering how much fun we had on the read.

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