• Shaula Vega

Olympus makes Giselle look like an angel...

One crazy ass mom is Alexander the greats mother, Olympias. She was the fourth wife of Alexander's father. Even in ancient times, Olympias got a bad rap: The historian Plutarch accused her of sleeping with snakes as part of her religious rites. That's some crazy ass ritual. When Alexander's dad took another wife, a Macedonian named Cleopatra, Olympias went into voluntary exile, only to return after her husband was assassinated -- an event that some historians suspect Olympias had a hand in. She then had Cleopatra murdered, along with Cleopatra's infant child, helping secure her own son's succession to the throne. What does this have to do with us? Well, just looking to see there are moms that are way crazier than us on MILFriend. This chick makes being an alcoholic clown a walk in the park! Giselle, you're not as bad as people think. :)

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