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Is a woman’s life over after 30? Yes, maybe in Hollywood...

After watching “Bad Moms”, I couldn’t help thinking that my life was over. The whole premise of the movie was that a “mom” that has been doing everything - work, raising her kids practically by herself because her husband is a selfish dope - decides she’s had enough only when she finds him cheating on her. And no matter how hot and amazingly skinny she is after having 2 kids, her life was over because she is 33.

Ok, let me back it up a bit here. I was watching this movie with a group of moms from my kids school for a fundraising party event. One of the moms commented how the moms in the movie were younger than all of us but had older kids than us. The kids in “bad moms” were teenagers and we (the real moms) had seven year olds.


I have to go on about the representation of women in Hollywood. Really? I did not believe for one second “Mila Kunis” and “Kristen Bell” were moms for a mili-second. When you are a mom, you could spot another mom. It’s like having gay-dar but a mom-dar.

You could feel the air of - putting another being before you - by choice or not, putting in hours of non-sleep to keep a baby quiet, air of not giving a f*** because you passed the point of no return of caring about what you look like in pajamas at the market mid-day.

After I had my kid, I amazingly found myself going a whole day without brushing my teeth! because I had no time. Let alone “Private time”?, all gone! which made me wonder when did these “Bad Moms” find time to go out without their kids for what seemed like an eternity and have time to put on makeup, matching outfits & blow dry their hair?

If Mila Kunis’ life is over because she has passed 30, then what kind of chance do I have? I might as well be in the grave. For me, my life did not begin until I hit close to 40. Because 40 is the decade where you are tested for who you truly are, not what your parents set you up with - money, looks, strings and their sh** but what you alone with your own 2 feet can do because of who you are. Personally, I think life gets much more interesting at 40.

So I’m going to plug my project now. “MILFriend” TV comedy is all about middle-aged moms. Specifically, sandwich moms = "moms that are sandwiched between an infant and a dying parent".

They are untold stories of moms and of the many colorful women that are not represented in Hollywood.

Please support “MILFriend” so we could tell Hollywood, a woman’s life is not over after 30 but a woman’s life truly begins after 40.

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