• Judy Jean Kwon

Phase 4 is nearing!

Richard and I aka Commonwealth Creatives have been silent for awhile because we have been locked up in a post blackhole but we are almost ready to head back out into the world.

We are nearing the end of phase 3 of MILFriend and locking picture!

First phase = pre-production

Second phase = production

Third phase = post - production

We are getting close to our fourth and final phase. Distribution. This is an exciting time! A wild wild west! A new land to explore and discover.

What an amazing journey! Besides familiarizing with TV making, Richard and I have both learned a tremendous amount about others and ourselves. What a pleasure it is to work with so many great talent! and to have wonderful generous friends that came to help. Everyone is much appreciated on MILFriend production.

It is fun having an opportunity to create something from scratch and follow through with our vision. Now it’s time to get the show picked up!



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