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Crazy Rich Asians - An Anticipation


Yes, I have Kevin Kwan’s book “Crazy Rich Asians” and it has been sitting on my bookshelf with many other books for awhile... It’s called I have a kid! and time is not on my side.

MILFriend TV

I have been busy at work on my own show “MILFriend - MOTHER I LIKE TO FRIEND” - about crazy-ass moms and wealth disparity aka gentrification in Venice Beach! being released around same time. (Sorry I had to do a little plug here)

Now it seems, “Crazy Rich Asians” is about a week away from release and I still haven’t read the book. What a faux pas, since this book has been the most popular best-selling Asian book of my generation.

I know it’s cheating and I will read the book but I just checked out the trailer for the movie.

I really don’t know much about the movie or book other than it’s about “Crazy Rich Asians” and we all know Asia is one country. Right?

I just hope deep down that the movie and book does not glorify the abuse of wealth which I have witnessed Asians do (by Asians I mean Chinese and Korean).

Charity and altruism is not exactly on top of the list for most Asians, that is if you are not related to them in some way, you know, son, daughter, uncle, aunt...

I am also surprised to note that the last and probably only all Asian cast film made in Hollywood was “Joy Luck Club” 25 YEARS AGO!!! as it states in “Business Insider” aka “Hollywood Reporter”... but then I think hey! what was “Benson Lee’s” film “Seoul Searching” in 2015??? Hmmm? That was an all Asian cast not that long ago but maybe “Seoul Searching” doesn’t count as Asia since it’s Korea and not China. You know the other Asian state.

The success of this one film will determine the future for all Asian-American film makers, actors, writers, creators, directors... you get the gist. That’s a lot on one shoulder - Kevin Kwan’s, who is a novel writer and not a filmmaker but somehow the dice landed as thus. All of us creatives wish Kevin a huge giant success since we do not want a repeat of a disaster past (Margaret Cho). No, she didn’t. Yes, I did.

Either the failure or success of this one movie will determine all the artists (great and not so great) of the whole continent of Asia and it’s diaspora to have the ability to get their voices heard for the next 20 + years! or....

“Ten thousand years! Ten thousand years to his majesty the emperor!” from The Last Emperor. I had to throw that in.

Basically, that means I will be buying myself a bunch of tickets. Ten thousand!!!

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