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  • Judy Jean Kwon

Film Festival Circuits have Begun

Hello Friends of MILFriend.

I know I haven't checked in as I should have and I am sorry that I haven't been a good friend but I am writing to let you know MILFriend is ALIVE!

Just juggling soooo many different platforms on a zero budget and staff has kept me from being here for you.

I am writing to let you know Film Festival circuits have begun. But before I delve into that let me catch you up.

MILFriend has launched a Youtube Channel.

"Oori" means "us" in Korean and taking today's changing landscape of digital consumption pop-culture, we have started a channel called ooriPoP.

There you will find most of MILFriend's media including teasers, trailers and eggs being released every week. You can also find behind the scenes interviews and more.

Subscribe for up to date media of MILFriend there.

MILFriend has also had a great run in FB and IG. Like us on Facebook and follow us on IG.

FESTIVALS! We are finally starting to release our content so the world can see. By world, we mean mostly here in California.

We are slated to screen at "Golden State Film Festival" in March 22 at the Chinese Mann Theater on Hollywood Blvd. These are the same festival creatives of Culver City Film Festival and Silicon Beach Film Festival. The screening will be followed by Q&A from the creators of MILFriend - Richard Henkels and myself, Judy Jean Kwon.

In April, you can find "MILFriend" in Palos Verdes at the "Universe Multicultural Film Festival". This festival will be a great event with many panels promoting diversity in films.

Stay tuned for more festival updates! There are more to come.

- your friend

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