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  • Judy Jean Kwon

Parent's Day in Korea, way more progressive than America?

Is Korea way more ahead in non-gender discrimination than America?

I was raised in Korea a portion of my childhood.

In May 8th, I remember as a little baby elementary school kid, I would take a red carnation corsage home and place it proudly on my Grandmother's bosom.

That was because May 8th in Korea is parents day and all the children of Korea would show their gratitude and appreciation for their parents with this single act of displaying a red carnation corsage over our parent's hearts.

I remember seeing my Grandmother's face light up and her walk proud with this one simple act of receiving a single flower to display to the world how she was appreciated. It warmed my heart and I floated on cloud the rest of the day to see the look of joy on her face.

We did not separate and group parents by gender. We did not have 2 separate holidays for dads and moms. Most importantly, we did not exclude those that did not fit in the tight and narrow category.

It was simple.

We had parents day!

Definition of parent in Merriam Webster dictionary is

1a: one that begets or brings forth offspring

b: a person who brings up and cares for another

Basically, a parent to me is one who loves and sacrifices their own needs and wants to raise YOU! and tries their best to give you the best opportunity at life.

That person could be a Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, adopted parents, LGBTQ parents, neighbor, friend... because parents day is basically a day to celebrate those that care for us and love us without excluding those that did not fit into a category of mom or dad.

Do we really have to fit parents into this narrow window defined by gender at his time and age? Because for me, my Grandmother was my mom.

That is theme to my LOL, funny-ass comedy "MILFriend" ~ MOTHER I LIKE TO FRIEND.- a fresh new comedy about crazy-ass moms in gentrifying Venice Beach.

We have diverse love of mothers and parents of all kind. A mom tries their best for their kid and doesn't always realized that it be cray-cray, uummmm, not always.

Happy Parents day to all the wonderful, big giant hearted humans that are raising smaller, younger humans that look at you like you have all the answers to the world's questions even though you probably don't.



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