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Best Mother's Day gift would be...

Best Mother’s Day gift would be…

I slept in and when I wake up you hand me a Starbuck coffee that you got at the store.

Do NOT make me breakfast in bed and mess with my kitchen! Despite the cuteness factor, I do not want to clean up a giant mess and I really don't need the calories.

mother's day nightmare

The house will be spotless, all dishes clean and laundry folded by you.

I don’t want to hear any whining, crying and complaining all day.

You have a smile on your face and show me gratitude.

Hand me a single flower or a plant (it will last and it’s low maintenance).

I don’t need chocolates, bouquets or gifts. That’s my money you’re spending and most likely what you get me will end up in the Bermuda Triangle in the garage and I don’t eat chocolates.

Do make a handmade gift like a drawing, handprint, keepsake box instead that you made at school or outside of my clean house!

perfect gift for mom

You will let me listen to and watch whatever I want and I don’t have to argue about not wanting to watch cartoons, sport…

We go out to my car and its spotless. All the snacks and toy bits are cleaned out and car washed!


What an amazing day so far?!

You will take me out to lunch or early dinner to a restaurant that has healthy delicious salads and wine. You will not fight, get bored or get restless.

You will eat everything on your plate.

When we get home, you will go straight to bed.

It is a school night and I don’t want to wrestle with you to get you to school next morning.

Ahhh… what a perfect Mother’s day.

To all moms.... Happy Mother's day and hope you have a day like this.

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